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Finding your why 

Think back to the last thing that got you fired up. Was it a job? Getting your hands on a new book? A promotion? New relationship? Now, what was it about that thing that made it so important? My guess is there’s an underlying ‘why’ attached to it. The job, for instance, could be the one you’ve always dreamed of and you knew if you got it you could travel like you’ve always planned on. The book isn’t just a book, it’s an author who you’ve followed your whole life and it brings back your childhood. That new relationship means a life full of potential adventure and excitement that you get to experience with your best friend. The ‘why’ that’s attached to it is the heart of every exciting thing. 

Your ‘why’ should always be a top priority in your life because without it you will tend to find yourself just going through the motions. When that becomes the case, you’re no longer growing. Your ‘why’ becomes strictly about getting through day to day. 

What if you like your day to day?

Well then that’s great and I’m happy to hear that. But I believe there is more you could be doing. “Well this sounds exhausting.” I get it, but it doesn’t have to be big picture items. It could be as simple as wanting to spend more time with your family because you didn’t have that growing up. A good practice I’ve applied in my life is when you want to do something, take a second to stop and think about the reason you want to do that thing. This will help you form the habit of thinking of the why’s in your life. Every decision big or small has a ‘why’ attached to it and taking the time to find the ‘why’s in your life can not only help you find your bigger purpose, but it can also help you cut back on some of the things in your life that are not bringing any real fulfillment. You will become more conscious about how you spend your time and if you are making the most out of it. Which in turn will allow you to be more focused on the things that really matter. 

It’s your turn

Maybe you are at a crossroads and you’re not sure where to turn to next. You’ve been going through the same thing day in and day out yet nothing seems to get you fired up. I get it and I’ve been there. It’s time to start looking for your next ‘why’. If you could do anything at all, the choice was yours, what would that thing be? You got it? Now think about why that is important to you. You have to build a rock solid foundation behind what you would like to be doing. Lastly, you start going after it and you don’t quit, deviate, or lose focus while you’re chasing it. 

Find your why and never lose sight of it. Always remember, the only limits are the ones your own mind creates. 

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