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“Becoming great at something doesn’t require you being smarter than anyone, but it does require sacrifice.”

How many times have you had an idea but ultimately never followed through with it and it became just another lost dream? The reality is that this is often the case and there are many things that contribute to giving something up. Often times it boils down to our willingness to make the necessary sacrifices.

My Story

When I was starting off in school and trying to figure my life out, I realized that if I wanted to succeed I needed to start making some changes. My relationship status at the time was very inconsistent and was an ‘on again-off again’ situation. I knew this additional stress in my life wasn’t going to help me prepare for the work that was ahead so I had to make a tough decision by putting my relationship status on hold in order to give my school work the attention it deserved. This break lasted a few years and, at times, it was very challenging but it allowed me to truly focus on my goals and not become distracted.

Another sacrifice I had to make was working odd hours to allow me to stay on track with my program. This consisted of working the night shift at one job while working a few hours a week here and there at another job. This added up to a lot of sleepless nights, being only half awake during class, crabby pretty much all the time (which really helped the relationship part…), saying no to hanging out with friends (another sacrifice), and spending all the money I earned on food and energy drinks to get me through the day. This period of my life was rather difficult but ironically it was a time where I was growing at an exponential rate. 

Why was that?

All of my energy was being filtered into what I really wanted to be doing and I wasn’t going to let distractions hold me back. I was willing to sacrifice the things that were going to stop me from succeeding. The truth is, we can come up with a lot of reasons why we can’t make something work but if we are being honest with ourselves, the real reason it won’t work is because we are not willing to go all in. Real success takes real sacrifice

It’s Your Turn

This blog that you’re reading has taken sacrifices. I have taken time away from my family, invested money, reached out for help from some incredible people, and have poured my heart into these stories in hopes to inspire you in some way.  So what’s holding you back from accomplishing your goals? What are the things that you really want in your life and do you want them bad enough to make the necessary sacrifices? For each of us, the things we need to sacrifice may look different. It could be leaving your current job, sleeping less, more hours working, going back to school, getting a certification, or more time spent at the library. Whatever it is, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the end goal you’re fighting for. If it is, it’s time to stop making excuses and start making the changes in your life that will get you to your destination. It’s time to go all in.

Want your story heard?

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Become Better Each Day

Donovan Armstrong

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