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“Ever wanted something so bad it was all you could think about
You had to have it
Then you finally get it
You like it for a minute
But then your eyes pivot, now you’re onto something different” – Andy Mineo

We’ve all been there, right? You think about something that you have to have, it consumes your mind and you can’t imagine living life without it (meanwhile a week ago you probably didn’t know this thing you’re referencing even existed). So you run out to get it, the excitement is there, and a week later your mind has shifted to wanting something completely different. It’s a cycle I think a lot of us struggle with and fall into which can continue on for years if not an entire life. That’s why it’s so important we understand the power of contentment in life. Growing up in a house where hand-me-downs were the norm, mac and cheese was a great dinner, steak was almost a foreign word, and that sparked a fire in me to achieve a life where those weren’t the norms. The problem was I never took the time to learn where real happiness came from so instead of investing in the things that would bring real happiness, I focused on things like T.V.s, cars, games, the newest phone, and pretty much every other materialistic thing you could think of. I found after every purchase, I would still be frustrated because I’m spending my hard earned cash on all these things while still not feeling fulfilled like I had anticipated.

Why was that?

Most of us have heard and agree with the saying, “money can’t buy happiness” but we don’t carry that mentality over to “materialistic things can’t buy happiness.” Our minds are always telling us we need more and that we have to keep up with the Jones’ which creates a cycle of always buying and always wanting while still being left with a feeling

Where does happiness come from?

If buying everything your heart desires isn’t going to bring you happiness, then what will? There are a few things I’ve learned along the way that have been game changers in my life.

1. Want the things you already have

You can look around at the things you own and acknowledge that they are a blessing but if you really want what you have to sink in and mean something, then try taking one of those things away. Hot water for example. We appreciate hot showers but when you take away that hot water, you become extremely grateful for it and appreciate it on a new level. Take away your car for a week and now all of a sudden you won’t look at your car the same way. You see where this is going? Once you start taking away what you already have, you will learn to be so much more appreciative and this will help stop the buying cycle you’ve been stuck in.

2. Give back

I’ve heard countless stories and experienced in my own life, that when you start to give back, that’s when real happiness enters your body. Receiving is nice but it’s when you start giving and seeing the joy on other peoples’ faces when you start to fill that hole that has been there. Often times we save giving for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas but I encourage you to make daily efforts to give back in some way. Donate to a charity, give to the homeless, volunteer at a shelter, and/or surprise a family member with something they are in need of. There are many ways to give and I recommend finding ones that fill your heart the most.

3. Find your purpose

Most people differ when it comes to what life means to them, but a large sum agree it’s not to earn money. We need money to get by so we often stay at jobs that don’t fulfill us in order to pay the bills. I recommend finding your passion and following it. When you start doing what you love, you will be surprised at how motivated you can be and you will find a way to make it work to support yourself. From there, your drive will continue to push you forward reaching new levels of success and more doors will open along the way.

Take Action

Start giving your happiness some serious thought, and see if you are stuck in the cycle many of us find ourselves in. If you are, then breathe a sigh of relief because there is hope in using the methods above to bring light to the situation.Once you start to experience the power of contentment in life, you will start looking at true happiness and fulfillment in a brand new way. In the comments below, let me know your thoughts regarding happiness and anything else this blog sparked for you.

Donovan Armstrong

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  1. i love the way you write and the perspective you share. giving back is something i make a priority of, but i never connected it to the idea of being content in life, and how sometimes being content is more important than being happy. really good post!

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