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Don't Fight Change

Changes lead to growth

Earlier this year, I had an idea and it went something along the lines of, “I have a lot of stories that I believe are relatable that have helped me that I believe could benefit others from hearing.” Having gone through some difficult times in my childhood, making many mistakes in my teenage years, and taking a serious stance on changing the trajectory of my life I knew these stories would be beneficial. Being a person who loves to act on new ideas, I started writing stories with messages inside them, all while not knowing exactly what I was going to do with them. These stories developed as they went on and the more that were written the clearer the vision became, help others become inspired by sharing inspiration, hope, messages, and lessons through personal life stories. As this message was developing the idea of incorporating other people’s stories started to develop as well. Everyone has a story of something they experienced or went through that someone else needs to hear, but often they don’t have a place to share it. This site is a place where other people’s stories can be shared and the life giving message they have can be heard.

I thought that was it. Share personal stories and share other people’s stories, so that people can learn from them and live the motto: Become Better Each Day.

But then…

Just like in life, once you start something and think you know where it’s headed often times you find yourself going in a different direction later on. That doesn’t mean the vision has changed, that just means the thing you are doing is growing. If you start something and don’t notice a change as time goes on, then you may want to reevaluate how you are doing something. There is always room for improvement regardless of how well something may be going. The vision of the site was/is to make blogs that have an impact on people’s lives; to give the reader something that they can read, resonate with, and come back to later on. The vision grew from there however, it has evolved from giving people meaningful stories to read, to giving people a one stop location to a wide variety of meaningful information that can help improve the quality of life. The truth is not everyone loves to read blogs and that’s perfectly fine, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be content on the site for them because there is still information they could benefit from hearing and seeing.

It was a bit random

Some may be wondering why this section appeared to come out of thin air, and that’s a valid wonder. The truth is I am a bit obsessed with personal development and always have been. I’m infatuated by the idea of better understanding ourselves, our mindset, and overall well being. I’ve spent years of my life listening, learning, studying, and working on living a better more fulfilled life. Over the years there have been many practices that have been incorporated that have helped immensely, and those practices are the ones placed in the Lifestyle Content page. These resources have been game changers in my own life and can truly impact yours as well if incorporated.

Here’s the breakdown

  • Lifestyle Instead of Diet 
    • Diets are a cycle, and not a cycle you want to be a part of. Often times they have very little results or the results are only temporary. This section focuses on how you can make subtle changes in your life that will take the pressure and stress away from food, and allow you to achieve and maintain your goals for life not just a season.

  • MyFitnesspal Tutorial
    • This is a complete walkthrough of one of the most beneficial apps out there regarding food and nutrition. If you want an easy way to get serious about your health and fitness then this app is for you. Pair this page with the lessons you learn from the page above and you will be on your way to success.

  • Importance of a Workout Plan
    • Think about anything you’ve set your mind to in order to accomplish something, odds are you probably had a plan of action to get there. Working out should be no difference. This walkthrough breaks down exactly why you should have a workout plan, how you can incorporate one, and even has sample plans to get your started.

  • Importance of Relaxation
    • Often we are moving at 100 mph without ever taking a second to slow down. Physical health is important, but you need to give your mental health attention too. In order to become better each day, true rest and relaxation is a must. That’s why this section breaks down how you can go about giving yourself the real rest you need.

  • Daily Water Intake
    • Water makes up 60% of your body, so having enough of it is essential to being your best self. Find out just exactly how water benefits you and how much you should be consuming to be at your optimal level.

  • Youtube and Podcasts
    • They say you’re the sum of the 5 closest people you surround yourself with. You want to surround yourself with people who are pushing and challenging you to become better. This shouldn’t stop with people you know personally, you should be surrounding yourself with inspirational people wherever you go. That is why the Youtube and Podcast section was created, to help you have access to resources that will challenge the way you think wherever you are. 


What’s next?

I want as many people to experience these resources as possible, because even if one person is impacted by the information on this page that is a great success. So please, go check out the Lifestyle Content page and let me know what you think. Every comment, subscription and share truly makes a significant impact on the site and I LOVE hearing the feedback from all of you. Your feedback also helps direct where the site is going next and what information you enjoy seeing, so please continue to let me know your thoughts and feelings. If there is a topic you would like to see talked about either on the blog or added to the Lifestyle Content page, be sure to let me know and it will be added if it fits well. There are other plans for the site in the making, blogs will be posted every week as they have been, and I’m so excited for what’s coming up in the near future. Thank you all for taking this journey and know that every day the site is being worked on to become even better and more impactful.

Become Better Each Day

Donovan Armstrong

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