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Power of Your Word

The power of your word

Your word can be one of the most valuable tools that you possess. There is power in being reliable, trustworthy, dependable, and sticking to your word. It can build confidence in others, generate respect, and can lead you to great opportunities. Not everyone is born with the same opportunities, but regardless of what situation you are in, we have all been given the gift to stick to what we say, follow through on our promises, and leave people knowing what you say you will do will get done. That’s what is so cool about the power of your word, it doesn’t cost you a thing to own, but can be the most valuable tool you possess.

Sticking to your word builds trust

Trust is what allows you to grow when it comes to your relationships. Weather it’s a work relationship, friendship, or romantic relationship you need to have trust as the foundation. One of the quickest and most efficient ways of building that trust is by sticking to your word. When someone asks you to do something, regardless of who, and you say you’ll do it and complete the task that builds a level of trust and that person knows that they can rely on you. Over time the more that happens the more dependable you become, the bigger the responsibilities become, and more trust is built. This is what leads to deeper more impactful relationships, it’s what moves you up in your company, and it builds a reputation for yourself that others will notice. The opposite happens if you commit to something that you’re unable to accomplish. All of a sudden you notice the different relationships in your life fading, and that’s because trust has been lost and you are no longer looked at as a reliable option. This can set you back in so many different areas of your life, that’s why it’s essential to stick to and understand the power of your word.

What if you can’t do what is asked?

We’ve all been in situations where you are asked to complete a task, but for whatever reason you don’t have the capability of doing it. First off, remove the word ‘can’t’ out of your vocabulary. Odds are you can do it, there just may be a variety of reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Maybe you had other obligations, the time restraints are too soon, you may not currently have the knowledge (but you could use your resources to find it), whatever the reason may be the fact is you can do it, but it may not be best for the situation. Moving on. When you’re in a position like this you need to be honest. Just like sticking to your word builds trust, so does honesty. When you are being honest people will be understanding when you tell them no, because you are someone who sticks by their word and if you were able to do it you would have no problem telling them yes. When you take on too many obligations your word starts to deteriorate. Not because you want it to, but because you overcommitted and are not able to deliver on some of your promises. When this happens too many times you become deemed unreliable and that puts a stop to growth in any type of relationship.

Is it too late to rebuild?

The awesome thing about your word is that you can rebuild its reputation at any time. By simply being more aware of your commitments and utilizing your resources, you can start regaining trust at any time. You can start right now. Next time you are asked to do something really think about if it’s something that you should be doing. If you can do it then say yes, otherwise, say no. If you say yes, then be sure you follow through on your promise. Start being honest with people too. Honesty doesn’t mean you’re being mean, some truth hurts, but honest just continues to build trust. Over time you will notice that your reputation has been changed, deeper relationships will be formed, more responsibilities will be given, and when people think of you they associate you with trust and dependability.

Look at who you’re associating yourself with

Are the people in your life sticking to their word? Just like you want to stick to your word, you want to be surrounded by others who stick to theirs as well. That way when you need something to get done, you know the people in your circle have all the same qualities that you have and will be upfront and honest about if they can help or not. A tight-knit group like this becomes a very powerful force when they work together on a task or problem.


How do people view your word? Have you been managing the power of your word in a way that you’re proud of? Also, how do you feel about the word of people you’re surrounded with? It may be time to do some reflection and make some changes.

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