What’s the importance of a workout plan?

Why should you care about the importance of a workout plan? Think about something requires you to make a plan: graduating, getting promoted, making a budget, getting married, starting a family, and so on. All of these can be done without a plan, but having a plan in place makes the process a lot easier. Working out is no different. Sure, you could walk into a gym and do random exercises, go for walks periodically, even stretch once or twice a month, but that doesn’t mean you should. Like anything you take serious you should have a plan to back it up and help lead you to success. 

Before I started following workout plans my workouts would be all over the place. For years, I had pieced together a workout routine and it was pretty well thought out, but that didn’t mean it was super effective. A big lesson I learned is you need to have an end goal, just like any other thing you plan out in your life. That’s where the importance of a workout plan comes into play. If you’re doing the same routine each week, how do you know you’re making any progress? There are things like losing weight, but wouldn’t you want to become stronger as well? What about making sure you were losing fat and not muscle? How do you know you’re not overdoing it at the gym and actually doing more harm than good? The problem is you really don’t, and that’s why having a plan can help. 

What kind of plans are available?

Regardless of your fitness goal, there is a plan out there for you. I promise. 

Here are just some plans that come to mind:

Weight loss

Muscle gain




Specific sports


Trail running

If you can think of it, there’s probably a workout plan for it.

Where do you get a plan?

It seems like everyone these days are selling workout routines, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good.It also doesn’t mean you need to buy a plan just to follow one. There are a ton of free plans online for a variety of goals and skill level. I will add links at the bottom of this page to some free programs I have found online. With that said, there are also some really good paid plans out there that are worth considering. I have no problem spending a little bit of money on a plan someone I follow puts together, not only am I able to have an end goal in mind, but I get to support someone who worked hard creating content for people like me in mind.

Free plans to get you started

No more excuses

“A goal without a plan is just a dream”

Now that you understand the importance of a workout plan, see the effects, and have the resources to get started it’s time put the excuses aside and start taking action. 

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Importance of a workout plan

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